Here are some of Annelinde Metzner's works available for purchase!

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 "Feminine Faces of God"A live recording of seven of Annelinde's art songs to the Divine Feminine beautifully interpreted by Kim Hughes, soprano, with Rita Hayes, flute; Isabel Castellvi, cello; and Jen Worthen, soprano, with Annelinde at the piano.  "Thank you for the beauty you bring to the earth through your music!"  (2018)

   CD is $14 with standard shipping.  
   Also available in MP3 format:  Contact Annelinde at to arrange shipment of MP3's.

Feminine Faces of God CD 2018
Enjoy videos from "Feminine Faces of God" at my Youtube channel!

 "Lady of Ten Thousand Names."   A live recording featuring choral works from Annelinde's songbook of the same name,  plus solo songs with guitar, flute and percussion, and Annelinde's inspiring poetry!  
Soloists include Stephanie Heidemann and Betsy Murray, with Sahara Peace Choir.

"Lady of Ten Thousand Names" Concert CD 2012
Listen to "Oshun, Mother of the River," included on both the CD and DVD!

NEW!!! DVD of "Lady of Ten Thousand Names," recorded live on August 18, 2012 .  Includes 13 Goddess songs from Annelinde's songbook, plus solo songs with guitar, flute and percussion, poetry and dancers!  Soloists include Stephanie Heidemann and Betsy Murray, with Sahara Peace Choir.


"Lady of Ten Thousand Names" Concert DVD 2012

NEW!!   Spiral-bound Songbook with Two CD's!!

Lady of Ten Thousand Names: Twenty One Songs of the Goddesses of Europe, Africa and the Middle East
    Songbook for Women's Choir (SSA)   Includes 2 CDs with individual recordings of voice parts and full ensemble performance.  
"Lady" Songbook with CDs

Ten of the songs can be heard on Youtube here.

Listen to "Isis" from one of the two teaching CDs included with each songbook.  Annelinde sings the individual voice parts, then you will hear the whole ensemble.

"In the Mother Grove" DVD   Live concert of
"In the Mother Grove" DVD
23 songs and poems by Annelinde Metzner with the Rhythmic Goddess Drummers, spoken word, choir, puppets and dancers. Performed in 2009.

Listen to "Astarte," the first song on the "Mother Grove" CD and DVD:

"In the Mother Grove" CD
Eighteen songs and readings by a cast of thirty talented women
"In the Mother Grove"
in works by Annelinde honoring the Divine Feminine.

"The Abundance of Mary" DVD  (Video)
23 songs and readings by Annelinde and also
singer/composers Stephanie Heidemann and
"Abundance of Mary" CD
Sue Ford, with dancers and multimedia. 2006.

Listen to "Rebirth" with Annelinde speaking and playing
piano on the "Abundance" CD and DVD:

"The Abundance of Mary" CD
23 songs and readings by Annelinde, Stephanie
Heidemann and Sue Ford, performed live.


The newest book of poetry by Annelinde Metzner, "This Most Huge Yes."
Includes poetry of the four elements and other new World and Nature poems from 2012.

THIS MOST HUGE YES, poetry of 2012

In Love with the Rooted Earth, Poetry of the Natural World, 
2008 by Annelinde Metzner. Nineteen visionary and transformative poems inspired by the Southern Appalachian mountains and by the power of Mother Earth.


Isn't It All Of Us?, Poetry of global acts of heroism, 2008 by Annelinde Metzner.  Nineteen powerful poems highlighting the bravery of women and men the world over.

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