Another beautiful sky dancer caught in a video!

Enjoy Annelinde's medley of three of her Goddess songs from "Lady of Ten Thousand Names," entitled "Come Breathe With Us, Gaia."  The medley is gorgeously performed by Womansong of Asheville on the occasion of Her 25th Anniversary Concert on November 9, 2012.  The exquisite dancer is Shelli Stanback.

Here is the wonderful Sahara singer, Betsy Murray, at our concert on August 18, 2012,  singing one of Annelinde's commissioned songs, "Linda of the Isle of Lewis," composed as a memorial for the courageous and compassionate Linda Norgrove who passed away in Afghanistan after being captured by the Taliban.

Blessings on the River, 2011 with Yeye Siju Osunyemi, the Mother Grove Temple of the Goddess, the Wild Bodema Drummers, and Sahara Peace Choir.

Blessings on the River, 2010 Part I: with amazing footage by Rainer Doost of the simultaneous celebration occurring in Asheville's sister city, Osogbo, Nigeria, on Oshun's day, August 27th.
Blessings on the River, 2010 Part II
Blessings on the River, 2010 Part III
Blessings on the River, 2010 Part IV

Members of Sahara Peace Choir sing selections from Annelinde's new songbook, "Lady of Ten Thousand Names," at Annelinde's Youtube channel.  These are songs in praise of the Goddesses of Europe, Africa and the Middle East in two and three-part harmony.  The songbook can be purchased on this site on the "Buy" page.

Watch an exciting performance of "Harriet Tubman" by Womansong of Asheville, arranged and directed by Annelinde, at Womansong's twentieth anniversary concert.