Annelinde Metzner is available on commission to compose music in many styles. 

Popular :    Wonderful gifts for loved ones and special times of all kinds.   Send me your ideas, impressions and memories of beloved times, which I will use to create unique lyrics.   These can be set to music in a variety of popular styles with small band arrangements, or for piano and voice alone.
           CD recordings with personalized photos also available.

Serious :      Annelinde Metzner is available by commission to compose for all combinations of orchestral instruments, voice and choir, using existing texts or with my own.

Comments on Annelinde's custom songs: 

        I can’t thank you enough for the time, energy, love and light that I know you gave to Clement’s Wedding Homily.
       So glad I learned of you and your talents.  I am BLESSED to know you... your spirit and joy give so much to others!      Nita Walker

        We cannot begin to express how much our song, “Timing is Everything,’ has meant to us.  Spirit led me to you when asking if you could help me “birth” the song and without a doubt it was one of the best decisions of my life.  The song is perfect, and we love you so much for gifting it to us.  It is one of those things we will never forget.
     With great love and gratitude for the blessing of you in our lives,  Jan and Beth Mallindine

Biography:  Annelinde received a Bachelor of Music degree from Furman University, a Masters of Music Composition at the University of South Carolina, and was awarded a Fellowship in Music Composition at Florida State University where she is "ABD" (all but dissertation.)
        She has composed in all media from orchestral to solo pieces.

Contact  Annelinde at or call 828-712-6745 to discuss the type of composition you are interested in.    (Fees will vary.)