Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Peace Choir

Some of the members of Sahara Peace Choir

Sing, O heavens, shout, O depths of the earth; break forth into singing, O mountains,
O forest, and every tree in it!    Isaiah 44:23

The women come to sing.
In the cold and icy dark, we gather
to rehearse the songs of peace.

“I’m gonna lay down my sword and shield...”

Putting aside aches and pains, and serious ills,
we come to sing with that wee bit of faith,
that last urge somewhere hidden deep in the heart.

“Oh, if I could ring like a bell...”

The great Black Dome, the great mountain
hears them coming, the mountain heart leaping.

“a song of peace, for their land, and for mine...”

until we arrive, there at Black Dome’s feet,
to open our mouths and hearts for Her love,
leaving our homes with all our annoyances,
to sing, to wail, to cry out
for the world we can see, within reach.

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who publish peace.  Isaiah 52:7

Annelinde Metzner      

April 10, 2010

 In 2008 my friend Roberta Newman asked me to start a new choir to sing for a program sponsored by the Friendship Force to bring together Christians, Jews and Muslims on a trip to their common Holy Land.  I had made arrangements of music from all three religious cultures as a way to bring them together in spirit.  We've been singing these songs ever since, including many songs that help nourish the human spirit and honor women of all world cultures.
      I wrote this poem for our yearly concert for International Women's Day, which we will give this year on March 12th.  We will be at Ten Thousand Villages in Montreat, where I can feel the strong vibes of Mount Mitchell (known to the Cherokee as "Black Dome,") highest point in the East, very nearby.
     I quote a number of Bible passages, in italics, as well as some of our song lyrics, to give this poem my wholistic vision of what our concerts are like.

Sahara 2014

Sahara 2010

Singers on the water


  1. I am so honored to have played a part in the creation of this chorus. I am so gratified by how its mission has been expanded, and the role it plays in our community and in the wider world.

  2. A very appropriate and poignant poem to honor the singing sisters and their motives and intentions. Blessings to the gifted leader of Sahara Peace Choir. May the many gifts of this Earth mother continue to pour forth.

  3. I am lucky enough to be welcomed into this wonderful singing group. We are practicing for the upcoming concert at Montreat's Ten Thousand Villages concert. Looking forward to seeing you there.
    Ann Sillman

  4. We do huddle small in the face of the cold and the dark,
    but when our voices rise and Mountain gathers them together,
    she then sends them back into the world, to us,
    and they are light-filled, amplified, larger than we are,
    and larger than hatred or war.

  5. Thank you Annelinde Metzner, Beloved Poet and Peace Chorus Director!!

  6. I love the poem and I love singing with Sahara!


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