Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The sky in May

I know there are stars,
     galaxies, worlds,
     nebula, planets and moons,
but in this sky, this green, green day,
     there is only wonder.
Only the unknown in this all-embracing blue,
Gazing at Her blueness, I hear Her tales,
     Her ancient wisdom, Her deep knowledge,
     but in a language I do not know.
I am a child at Grandmother’s knee.
Here is the air, filling us with breath,
     everywhere, like the water we swim in,
and yet in the sky of May,
     even as we feel Her
     in the tender winds upon our skin,
there is a magic, an enchantment,
     oh! that our very home, the air,
     is so beyond our ken.

Annelinde Metzner
May 24, 2014

 Many thanks to Will and Jane Stanhope for giving me space to meditate on the air at Hawkscry.  Also the same to Betsy Murray for her beautiful Little Pine sky!
      Friends, you keep my spirit afloat.

Sky at Hawkscry

Sky at Little Pine

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