Friday, May 2, 2014

Grateful for the thawing of the world!

New green leaves of Spring

Grateful for the thawing of the world!
Perched on a stone, two little brooks encircle me
     as I remember how to bask in the sun.
I am still, so still.
At my feet, the sparkles of mica and fool’s gold.
The purple-blue butterflies, Spring Azure,
     tiny and new,
     settle onto my bare feet to sample my taste.
How curious they are, of me,
     we strange creatures
     with shoes and clothes, bright colors!
I must be delicious, for they linger long.
The tiniest violet, yellow, courageous,
     springs up between stones on this April day.
The waterfalls tumble, step after step,
     no stone escaping the wearing-away
     of water’s relentless descent.
The sound engulfs me,
     overwhelms me, enchants me.
The sun warms my spine,
     the new Galax shines back.
I splash my face with the blessing of Water.
Fall to me, fall to me,
     icy Spring water of life!

Annelinde Metzner

April 11, 2014

Spring Azure butterfly


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