Friday, August 16, 2013

Retreat at Owl's Nest

Owl's Nest

Retreat at Owl’s Nest   
Sleeping in the forest, I remember:
    how urgently each of these trees grew,
    poplar, maple, oak, green with new life,
    whose trunks now lay patiently
    one upon another
    to make my cabin here.
Sleeping in the forest.

In the grey mist of the morning rain,
    as droplets fall from leaf to leaf
    tapping ratamacues on the long eaves
    of the galvanized roof,
    I feel the power of Black Dome, not far away,
    pulsing energy and strength to us
    throughout the day.
In the grey mist.

As I settle into this cabin,
    silence cradling me like a welcoming shawl,
    silence down the steep grade
    and up onto the ridge,
    silence, the true balm, singing Her healing song;
    the pen comes to my hand, and is welcomed there,
    the impetus springing clear and true from my heart,
and I write.

Annelinde Metzner
Wildacres Retreat
August 6, 2013 


Many thanks to Wildacres Conference Center, where I was awarded a week-long artist's retreat to write poetry and compose music.  


Morning mist

Stone path at Wildacres

Piano where I composed music

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  1. thank you for doing the artist's work in the world, Annelinde.


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