Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The elders act

Arrested at Moral Monday

Arrested at Moral Monday

Arrested at Moral Monday

NC Citizens amass on the State Capitol lawn

The elders act

She chose the long walk, at age 92,
to the State House in Raleigh to be arrested there.
“Because I’m tired of all this goin’ on,”
she exclaimed, with a pointed look and a twist of her head,
a middle-aged son trailing her walker behind her.
On to the NC State House, where each district
has been bought and paid for by the fat cats
and the masters of greed
who fear for all they have.
Big money paved the way
for tiny town after tiny town in North Carolina
to fall to the one with the millions, the self-appointed Pope,
and our liberal enclaves were horribly gerimandered.
And so, Moral Mondays, where people like us
go to Raleigh at last, to make our voices heard.
The 84-year-old from here in the mountains,
also tired, and valiantly walking:
“I’m here for my conscience, my community and my children.”
In a few short years, this bunch, scared and rich,
has legislated cuts to earned income credit,
Medicaid and unemployment;
cut Pre-K programs, lowered taxes for the rich,
and suppressed voting in every way imaginable.
Following Dr. King and Gandhi, 17 ministers and rabbis heard the call.
The number is now in the thousands, every Monday,
Moral Monday, to bring us back to our senses.

“Do what's right by the poor, do what's right by the sick, do what's right by women, and do what's right by workers,”  says Reverend Barber, the first to meet on that lawn.

When the elders act, beware.

Annelinde Metzner

June 26, 2013

Read and see videos about North Carolina's Moral Mondays at The Nation.

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Ministers pray at Moral Monday

A NC protestor being arrested


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