Friday, May 10, 2013

For all of us


For all of us

From our perch beside the little branch
behind boulders and an ancient root sculpture
in the brilliant new green of May,
we sit and see what there is to see.
Lichen of all colors,
flowery and tenacious,
spiderwort, chickweed (yum!)
and mean old poison ivy,
saying “hi” from the rock face
right behind our heads.
Though we are each sixty,
the boulders laugh out loud
at our foolish youth.
Watching and watching, we wonder
who in the woods is watching us?
Straight and low, a pheasant flies,
annoyed by our disruption.
I gaze and gaze, and suddenly there appears
a yellow trillium, the wood’s own gold,
singing her own song in the moist humus,
for nothing, for no one,
for all of us.

Annelinde Metzner
May 4, 2013
Little Pine

Red trillium (Wake Robin)

May apple

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  1. May I be the first to say, YES. To the world and to your perspicacious perception of it! Thanks for reminding us that the trillium and lichen and even poison ivy stand witness to us bumblers, how everything in the natural world stands as quiet bodhisattva, living their beauty lives for the benefit of all beings.


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