Friday, April 19, 2013

Sunrise on Lakey Mountain

Sunrise on Lakey Mountain  
A few claps of thunder,
that sudden shocking thunder
that bursts out of the silence of Spring,
a sudden downpour of early morning rain,
and then, the sun!
It’s Spring on Lakey Mountain.
She giggles as the new green leaves
burst forth in her forest cover,
tickling their way up her legs.
In the warming sun,
the rich smell of newly warmed earth
sinks into my winter-frozen soul.
I can hear worms in there, awakening too!
Horses nibble casually at the brilliant greenness,
as if they purely deserved this beauty,
as if this happened every day.
They shake their manes and tails,
just for the sheer beauty of it.
I am thawing too,
opening to the expanse
as the Earth embraces me once more.
Lakey Mountain giggles like a maiden
as the new greenness tickles her knees.
I hear this song of softness,
and I am well once again.

Annelinde Metzner
Lakey Mountain
April 18, 2013

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