Annelinde in the woods. Photo by Susa Silvermarie
I create my art to celebrate and envision a world where the Goddess is imminent in all Her diversity, where women are safe, and where we live in gratitude to Mother Gaia, our beautiful home, the Earth. The tools I’ve been given to work with are music and poetry, gifts which have led me on a a joyous and interesting life path indeed. During my formal study of music composition, the Divine Feminine began to reveal herself within the texts I chose to set to music. After finishing my studies, I founded a women’s community chorus, Womansong, along with the New Start Fund for Women. In the past decade I’ve produced multimedia concerts of my music and poetry, including solo, choral and instrumental music, dance, puppetry, spoken word and visual arts. I am now involved in publishing my works, directing Sahara Peace Choir and the Unitarian Universalist Choir in the Swannanoa Valley, improvising music with Playback Theatre, teaching private voice and piano, giving workshops, and writing commissioned works. 
You can reach me by email at, or call 828-712-6745.


Events in 2018
August 25, 2018-  Blessings on the River, Benefit concert with the Wild Bodema Drummers at Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting.

May 19, 2018-  "Lady of Ten Thousand Names," workshop on Annelinde's original Goddess songs at URLight, Route Nine in Black Mountain. 

July 22, 2018-  "Feminine Faces of God," concert of Annelinde's Goddess centered art songs with Kim Hughes, soprano.  St. James Episcopal Church, Black Mountain, 2 PM.   Benefit for Women's and Children's Shelter of SVCM.

April 20, 2018-  Performance of Orisha songs for Asheville Sister Cities delegation from Osogbo, Nigeria

March 8, 2018-  Benefit Concert for International Women's Day, Ten Thousand Villages, Montreat NC.
January 20, 2018-  Asheville Women's March songleading.

A HEALING GATHERING after the Women's March at Jubilee, Wall Street, Asheville, with Sahara Peace Choir, the Wild Bodema Drummers, Native American Flute, meditation and ritual.   JANUARY 21, 2017

"The Dark Goddess in Autumn," Sunday service at the UUCSV (Black Mountain) with Rebecca Williams and Sahara Peace Choir, on the elder Goddesses, Holle, Oya, Hekate and Baba Yaga.  NOVEMBER 2016


Annelinde will be offering workshops monthly at the beautiful Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting, 137 Center Avenue in Black Mountain. 
       Fee is sliding scale, starting at $50.   All workshops are 1:30 to 5:30 PM.
       Contact Annelinde as given above to pre-register.

June 25, 2016:  "Lady of Ten Thousand Names" I, songs of the Goddesses of  Africa and the Middle East.
        Enjoy Annelinde's praise songs to the Goddess through song, movement and simple percussion.   Includes a free copy of the songbook with 2 CD's.

July 9, 2016:   "Sing for Gaia, Speak for Gaia," a workshop including songs for the earth, and a session of poetry composition "en plein air" in the beautiful garden. 

July 23, 2016:   "Lady of Ten Thousand Names" II, songs of the Goddesses of Europe and ancient Greece. 
          Enjoy Annelinde's praise songs to the Goddess through song, movement and simple percussion.   Includes a free copy of the songbook with 2 CD's.

August 20, 2016:   "Blessings on the River:"  An outdoor concert by Sahara Peace Choir, with ritual in honor of the fresh waters of the world.  

Sahara Peace Choir will perform on March 12, 2016, 2 PM at Ten Thousand Villages, Montreat, in a Women's Day concert entitled "She Shall Have Music."  Love offerings and part of the store proceeds will go to Helpmate, a women's shelter in Asheville.

Annelinde will be offering workshops monthly at the beautiful Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting, 137 Center Avenue in Black Mountain. 
       Fee is sliding scale, starting at $50.
       Contact Annelinde as given above to pre-register.

    Use creative visualization to tap into the music your soul wants to express.  We will practice with our voices and with many simple instruments, giving ourselves time to go deep within while attuning to the sounds that we love.   We will explore the ancient modes that were used around the world to praise the Divine Feminine, and are still very evocative for us today.   There will be opportunities to share and/or record our work.  June 12 and August 22, 1:30 to 5:30.


      In Workshop I, Annelinde will share her songs which she created to praise the Goddesses of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, Oshun, Oya and Yemoja, as well as Isis and Hathor of Egypt. Then we will focus on the ancient Goddesses of the Middle East, Inanna, Astarte, and the Shekinah.   We will incorporate ceremonial percussion, used by women throughout the ages to go deeper into communion with the Divine. May 23. 
       In Workshop II, we will sing praises to Freya, Brigid and Baba Yaga, as well as Aphrodite, Artemis and Hekate, Ancient Greek Goddesses who still hold power today.

July 4, 1:30 to 5:30.       
      A copy of Annelinde’s songbook and teaching CD’s called “Lady of Ten Thousand Names”  will be included with either Workshop I or II. 

Golden Thread-  Sahara Peace Choir will perform in a benefit for Helpmate women's shelter on March 21st, 2 PM at Ten Thousand Villages in Montreat, NC.  Donations will be accepted and a portion of sales will go to Helpmate.   Come join us!

 THIS FIRE:   A poetry reading with Annelinde Metzner and Susa Silvermarie highlighting the release of We'Moon Datebook and calendar, 2015, which features work of both poets.  Also, fabulous singing of a few of Annelinde's songs by the wonderful soprano Kim Hughes.  Sunday December 7th, 4 PM at the UU of Black Mountain.  Ten dollars admission.

The Dark Goddess in Autumn: a poetry reading with Antiga, Barbara Gravelle and Annelinde, at Raven and Crone, 555 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville,  Tuesday November 18th at 7 PM.  Includes some Goddess songs and Celtic harp!

Blessings on the River-  Sahara Peace Choir along with the Mother Grove Temple and the Wild Bodema Drummers will perform in praise and honor to our fresh waters.  Common Light Meeting House, 137 Center Avenue in Black Mountain, September 28, 2014, 4 to 6.

      A poetry workshop with Annelinde at the beautiful OM Sanctuary in Asheville will be held on July 26th, 2 to 5 PM, $45.   Learn my way of creating poetry with Nature's voice, "en plein air."

A concert by Sahara Peace Choir at Ten Thousand Villages, Montreat, Saturday March 8, 2014 at 2 PM.
This concert and a portion of all purchases at the store will benefit 
Helpmate Womens' Shelter and Advocacy of Asheville, North Carolina.
COME JOIN US!  We will be singing from our repertoire of uplifting songs of one world consciousness, joy and beauty.


TELL A WOMAN, November 16th, 7 PM

On Saturday evening, November 16th at 7 PM, Annelinde Metzner will present “Tell a Woman,” an exciting evening of her poems and songs, with special guest, poet Susa Silvermarie, and Sahara Peace Choir. The two poets are celebrating the launch of We’Moon 2014, a datebook of women’s writing and art, which features their poems. We’Moon datebooks can be purchased on site, as well as Annelinde’s songbooks, poetry books, CDs and DVDs, for excellent holiday gifts!
Annelinde Metzner is a Goddess-centered, feminist poet. The title "Tell a Woman" comes from a poem she created for Asheville's Rise Up celebration in February 2013.

Admission to “Tell a Woman” is $10.00 at the UUCSV, 500 Montreat Road in Black Mountain. Call 712-6745 for more information.

Blessings on the River, 2013, Sunday September 15th at 4 PM,  Woodfin Riverside Park. 
   Give thanks for our rivers and our fresh water with Sahara Peace Choir, the Wild Bodema drummers, and Mother Grove Temple. Leave popcorn as an offering to the beautiful French Broad River!


Ribbon-cutting ceremony for OM Sanctuary in Asheville, NC,  June 6th, 2013 at 4 PM on the grounds.  Sahara Peace Choir will sing three songs to honor the new spiritual retreat center and Shelli, our fabulous dancer, who is the executive director.
The public is invited.

             "EVERYONE IN THE WORLD" Benefit Concert, Saturday April 6th 2013,  2PM at Ten Thousand Villages, Montreat  (near Black Mountain NC) for The Hope House of Asheville, North Carolina
whose mission is to restore women and girls that have been sexually exploited through the commercial sex industry. COME JOIN US!  We will be singing from our repertoire of uplifting songs of one world consciousness, joy and beauty.

Check out these wonderful photos of our February 24th concert, "Lady of Ten Thousand Names," by photographer Gary Hurley.    These photos are at White Horse Black Mountain.

Sahara Peace Choir will sing on February 24, 2013 at the White Horse

Stephanie Heidemann will sing at "Lady of Ten Thousand Names."

a concert of Annelinde Metzner's original compositions with choir, soloists and dance, will be performed at WHITE HORSE BLACK MOUNTAIN on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2013 at 7 PM.
      The fabulous Stephanie Heidemann will be a featured soloist, and will offer a workshop on Saturday February 23rd, 2 to 5 PM in Asheville, an Authentic Voicework intensive.  For more info see

Annelinde reading from "This Most Huge Yes" at Playback Theatre

Annelinde was guest artist at Asheville Playback Theatre's January Marathon, on January 5, 2013 at NC Stage.   The fabulous young soprano, Alison Tynes, performed two of Annelinde's songs, and Annelinde performed four of her poems.  Two of them were enacted on stage by members of Playback.   Bravo!

Annelinde reading at Montford Books

31 Montford Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801  

         On Friday, October 19, 2012, at 7 PM, come hear new poetry by Black Mountain poet and composer Annelinde Metzner.   She will be reading from her new chapbook, “This Most Huge Yes,” including poems from her recent concert in Asheville, “Lady of Ten Thousand Names.”   Her songbook, CD’s and DVD’s of the same name will be available for purchase as well as her three chapbooks.

“I must tell you that whenever I hear your poetry, a portal to another world, rich in beauty and community, opens for me.”            Jean Larson

“Well done, sister.  You are a blessing and a shield and a singing sword.”      Byron Ballard

                                         Sahara Peace Choir, directed by Annelinde Metzner

                                              LADY OF TEN THOUSAND NAMES
                                    A CONCERT OF SONGS FOR THE GODDESS

Annelinde Metzner, Black Mountain poet and composer, presents a concert of her own works performed by Sahara Peace Choir with soloists Stephanie Heidemann and Betsy Murray, dance by Helen Holifield and Shelli Stanback, and Nels Arnold, MC.
                 SATURDAY AUGUST 18, 2012,  2 PM at the UNITARIAN CONGREGATION
                on Charlotte Street and Edwin in Asheville, North Carolina
This concert marks the release of Annelinde’s new songbook and CD,
                         OF EUROPE, AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST.”
      The songbook and other books, CD’s and DVD’s will be available for purchase.
A portion of ticket sales will go to support the Linda Norgrove Foundation for Women and Children of Afghanistan.
TICKETS $10.00 AT THE DOOR.   Email for more info.


Stephanie Heidemann


This year, I will be offering monthly workshops in some very beautiful locations!

Here is some info on my June workshop, "Lady of Ten Thousand Names."

Venus by Botticelli

Allow your whole being to be suffused with beautiful, mysterious and unforgettable songs of praise and joy in the Divine Feminine!   These luscious songs will haunt your dreams, and become an enriching and enlivening part of your life.
        Annelinde Metzner has an unusual gift.   She can evoke joyous musical expression from individuals or groups of people, regardless of musical experience.
        Annelinde will be teaching, singing and playing songs from “Lady of Ten Thousand Names,” her brand new songbook of original praise songs of the Goddesses of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.    Experience some of the songs at Annelinde's Youtube channel.
       The workshop will include guided visualization,  altar building, movement and breathing, plus quiet time close to Nature.  The workshops are held on Saturdays, 10 AM to 4 PM, with a sliding scale fee of $40 to $60 which includes a songbook.
        This workshop is open to women and men who would love to experience the Divine Feminine through song.
       Contact Annelinde at to register.

        Summer 2012 dates for “Lady of Ten Thousand Names:”
May 19th,  Mountain Light Sanctuary, near Barnardsville NC
June 16th, The Light Center, near Black Mountain NC
July 14th,  Mountain Light Sanctuary

                    “Annelinde is grounded and luminous.”     Rebecca Williams
                    “These songs can change your life!”        Susa Silvermarie
        “Your workshop was tremendous.   I learned something new and was inspired by the music and your new book, ‘Lady of Ten Thousand Names.’”     Arline Boyce 

                          “Inanna, Queen of All”      “Yemoja, Nurture Me”
                       "Artemis, Huntress, Singer of Song”          “Baba Yaga!”
                                            “Mistress of Mysteries, Freya”

"Bring Forth Your Soul's Voice" is about composing and musical creativity.  You will gain ease in creating both vocal and simple instrumental music, using ancient techniques such as drones and modes.

"Lady of Ten Thousand Names: Songs of the Goddesses"  centers on my new songbook of Goddesses of Europe, Africa and Asia.  The songs are written in two or three parts for women's voices, but men are welcome to sing an octave lower.  The cost of this workshop includes the new songbook with teaching CD of the songs.

Please email me at if you are interested in attending.

February 18th:  "Bring Forth Your Soul's Voice" - email for location.  10 AM to 4 PM

March 24th:  "Bring Forth Your Soul's Voice"-  email for location.   10 AM to 4 PM

April 22nd:  "Sing with Gaia" at Common Light Meeting Place, 2 to 4. Love donation.

May 19th: "Lady of Ten Thousand Names" at Mountain Light Sanctuary, 10 to 4 PM 

June 16th:  "Lady of Ten Thousand Names" at Light Center Dome, 10 to 4 PM

July 14th:  "Lady of Ten Thousand Names," Mountain Light Sanctuary, 10 to 4 PM.

The cost of either workshop is $40 to $60 sliding scale, payable on that day.
For workshops at the Mountain Light Center, one can stay an extra night as a personal retreat for a very reasonable charge-  see link.

Please email me at if you are interested in attending.

"Bring Forth Your Soul's Voice" class (I'm holding the harp!)
Medicine Wheel at Mountain Light Center (photo by Susa Silvermarie)

Light Center Dome at Winter Solstice

Annelinde will read poetry devoted to Mary Magdalene at the Light Center near Black Mountain, May 12th at the event, "Feast of Mary Magdalene."

Sahara Peace Choir will be singing at Ten Thousand Villages, Montreat, North Carolina on Saturday April 28th at 2 PM.  Love donation.   All proceeds that day will go to "Steadfast House," a homeless women's shelter which devotes half of its beds to homeless women veterans.

Annelinde Metzner and Sahara Peace Choir along with soloist Stephanie Heidemann and others will present a concert of her music and poetry of the Goddess, "Lady of Ten Thousand Names", on August 18th at 2 PM at the UUCA of Asheville, NC on Charlotte Street.   Ten dollars suggested donation.

Sahara Peace Choir 2011-  relaxing after the performance!

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