If my work as composer and poet has been meaningful to you, please consider making a free-will donation to help me to continue what I do.   I am one single individual, not a nonprofit, so your donation must come freely from your heart, as one like minded soul to another.
      My deepest thanks and heartfelt prayers that your generosity will carry you far.
      At a very young age, I began to devote my life’s work to bringing balance into human life by restoring devotion and respect for the Divine Feminine worldwide.
"Isis" scroll from "Lady of Ten Thousand Names"
      Through my ongoing work with Sahara Peace Choir, worthy nonprofits, both local and global, will continue to receive all the proceeds from our performances.  We have earned over $7000 for many causes since our founding in 2008.
Sahara Peace Choir at Ten Thousand Villages, 2009
        I am inspired through my poetry to be a warrior for women, for the Earth, and for a more compassionate sense of humanity for us all.  I will be continuing to offer my poetry for free on my various blogs, in print and online.   I would be grateful for your donations to support my written work and to help me carry on.

Run toward your creative life with all your might
even when, and even because, tears stain the very surface,
the fiber of your creative being.

Isn’t this your truest self?
Isn’t this a pristine beach,
more wild than winter, more vast?

Doesn’t the joy breath of your inner life
smell fresher than new-washed cottons hung in the air?

When the long day finally ends,
and I come close to the inner self,
I pull back the veil.

Annelinde Metzner        June 2006

         Every few years, I offer a performance of my own works of empowering music and poetry, including dance, puppetry, spoken word and visual arts.   Your donation will help us to continue to inspire women (and men) and to benefit worthy related nonprofits.

"Astarte" from "In the Mother Grove," 2009.

Listen to "Astarte" by Annelinde with the Rhythmic Goddess Drummers, chorus and musicians from "In the Mother Grove":

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