Friday, April 13, 2012

Let It

Not just once but many times She surrenders,
the Wisteria, lusciously sweet,
royally purple, palest lavender,
clusters like Concord grapes
drooping, sprouting wild everywhere.
Leaves so new and tender-green,
I can’t even feel them to the touch.
Huge, heavy scent,
like a sultry liaison on a hot afternoon,
or like three Grandmas in church,
or like a little girl’s Christmas perfume.
Surrender!  says She,
and again She gives forth so big,
trees and roofs are dwarfed by Her energy.
Let it just fall, fall down,
give up, She shows us!
And why do you hold on so tight?
Fall, let fall!  and as you do,
your beauty, your perfect wholeness
falls open for all to see.

Annelinde Metzner   
Meher Baba Center
April 2009

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  1. Let It surely speaks to my heart and my ear, and It is a poem full of not only the enormous giving forth but of the encouragement to be hugely surrendering of which it speaks. 'Wholeness falls open for all to see' is an ending that satisfies over and over with each reading. Thank you.


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